Ep.19 – Is Your SEO Agency to Blame or Is It You – With Luke Fatooros


It seems to be human nature to blame someone or something else when things don’t go the way we want them to. With SEO, it is no different. Businesses always blame their SEO agency when they don’t get the results they were expecting. But the reality is sometimes quite different. Sometimes it is YOU that is to blame for your poor results with search results. Some of the reasons why this is true may surprise you.

To help me discuss this, Luke Fatooros is my special guest on this episode.
Luke is a serial, multi-award-winning entrepreneur who started his first business at age 23 in his father’s shed with $800 and turned that into a $12 million business in 5 years.

He is the creator of the 7steps – build a smart business engine coaching program that helps business owners stop trading time for money and build a valuable asset to set themselves up for life. He has been scratch building businesses for the past 25 years, across 3 countries. He has shared the speaking stage with Sir Richard Branson and is a 2 times Amazon best selling business author.

For more info on Luke’s 7 step system

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3. If you would like to chat with Luke to see if he can help.

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