Episode 1 Becoming Visible in the Search Engines

In this episode, I highlight some of the simple steps that can completely block you in the search engines or make you less visible if not done. These are all things your agency should be aware of and have implemented virtually from day one of starting your campaign.


Hello and welcome to the first episode of Let’s Engage. This is where we’re going to be discussing a lot of topics about digital marketing. But I particularly want to focus on those of you out there who have a business and have employed the services of some sort of digital marketing company. And if you’re not getting the results you are expecting or have been promised by these companies, I want to give you information and a bit of insight as to how digital marketing works, what you should be expecting as far as results go. And if you’re not getting them, you will be able to go head to head with your marketing company and get them to explain why things aren’t working the way that they promised. 

My name’s Andrew Radics and I have been in this industry for over 14 years now. I’m the co-founder of a marketing agency called Mad Scientist Digital, and I’ve also started my own online digital marketing courses, which is called Zengage.Online. I’m going to open up the conversation now, so let’s zengage. 

The first thing I want to talk about is something called search visibility. Now, what that simply means is that if somebody types in the keyword, you want your business to actually turn up in the search results and hopefully fairly high up on the first page, naturally. But particularly you want your brand name to be in the number one position. So say, for example, somebody sees one of your ads, say in print or hears your ad on the radio or someone’s talking about it. And the first thing people do is they hop online and then type in the business that they remember. So if your business for your brand name isn’t number one, then there is something wrong with what your digital marketing company is doing. So in other words, if a person sees your business anywhere or hear about your business, the first thing they’re going to do is hop online. If they can’t find any information about your business or if you don’t turn up, you know, on the first page or fairly high up on the first page, obviously, according to a recent study, a digital marketing study being done by Telstra, there’s a 25 per cent chance that that person will not consider your business to buy from or to engage your services of some description.

And here’s the thing. One of the biggest issues that we find when we talk to potential clients who already have a digital marketing agency, is that, a lot of these businesses do not have what is known as a Google My Business listing. And what that is, it’s a free product by Google, which allows you to fill in the whole page and then you are visible in the local searches. So, for example, if somebody types in, you know, “pizza shop Melbourne”, chances are you will turn up in the local listings for that particular area. And we find that a lot of businesses do not have that listing, and that is something that a lot of digital marketing companies nowadays don’t really pay all that much attention to. So if you are not on Google My Business and in all the other local well, not all of them, but a lot of other local directories, you are not going to be very visible in your local area. 

So the bottom line is, if you have a bricks and mortar type business or a service, whether you’re a shop, restaurant, whatever it is or you’re an accountant or whatever, where you have a physical address, you have to have your Google My Business listing page filled out correctly. You have to have all of those details put across some of the other directories that are out there online as well. If you don’t do that, you will not be visible online in your local area.

Another thing that we found is that when a business doesn’t turn up for its own brand name, there are a lot of issues with the website. And that is also something that your digital marketing agency should have picked up and should be discussing with you so that you can get them fixed by your web developer. 

On a very rare occasion, we come across some businesses who have websites who’ve been working with a digital marketing company for quite some time , and then wondering why are we not turning up in search for our chosen keywords? Well, it could be a lot of reasons for that. But one of the best ways for you as a business owner to find out if your website is actually indexed by Google, meaning Google basically has a record, if you like, in its database of your website and all of your pages. You need to do this one simple little thing, go into whatever browser you use, go to the search bar, type in site, S.I.T.E. and then colon, which are the two dots on top of each other and then put in your URL. So, for example, for our business Mad Scientist Digital, you would put ‘site’, colon, “Mad Scientist dot Digital ,hit Enter. Then if your website is actually indexed by Google, it will actually give you a listing of all the pages that it has in its index or its database. If your website does not show up, it means your site is not indexed and there is little wonder then as to why, when people type in a keyword, you do not turn up in search. 

We have also found sometimes what happens is if you get a new website built, particularly in a platform like WordPress, when your web developer is building its site, he would have a little box ticked in the back end of it that tells the search engines not to index that website or any of its pages while it’s being built. The problem is that a lot of times, once the site is launched by a web developer, they forget to untick that box. And Google and most of the other search engines, for that matter, will actually follow that directive to not index that website because you’ve got that little box ticked. And a lot of times it’s as simple as going to the back end of your site or if you don’t know how to do it, get your web developer with someone who knows how to do it and untick that little box that says do not indexed this website.

Some of the other issues that you could find, your website is not turning up in search are a little bit more complicated, but here’s some of the things that you would need to look for or talk to your marketing agency to have a look for you if you are concerned about that. A lot of the time it’s as simple as unticking a box, but other times it’s not quite that simple like I said. Sometimes if your site isn’t ranking well or at all, for that matter, it could be because your content is not very targeted for whatever keywords that you are trying to rank for. So that is something that your digital marketing company should be picking up on.

A lot of the other issues can be things like you don’t have enough backlinks meaning, you don’t have enough links from relevant sources pointing to your website, because that is one of the biggest ways, the fastest ways, the most effective ways to get your site ranked is to get relevant back links. And that is something that your digital marketing company should be doing, whether it’s from social networks, whether it’s from other authority sites, whatever they might be, that is something that they should be doing and you would need to actually have a chat to them about that. 

Other times, it could be that your website is not very user friendly. So in other words, there are things about your website, the way it’s put together, the site architecture of the thing, the user experience, if you like, that Google as a search engine has deemed, okay, this website really doesn’t make a great deal of sense so we’re not going to send too much traffic to it because the user experience is not that wonderful. And I keep saying to clients, to people that I talk to,  train and workshops and whatnot, one of Google’s biggest reasons for being is to give the user the best experience possible. And what that simply means is that if the user types in a keyword Google wants to give that user the most relevant results possible and it wants to send traffic to the best websites as far as from a user experience and content go. So you need to make 100 percent sure that all of that is happening. And once again, that is something that your digital marketing company should be picking up on, not necessarily fix, because a lot of times these sort of things go for the web developers to fix because they can be quite technical, but things like the content, the backlinks, your local listing and all these sort of things, those are things that your digital marketing company should be doing and keeping on top of. 

So there’s quite a few things that you can bring up with your digital marketing agency if your results are not what you’re expecting or what you were promised. So remember, Google, My Business page has to be set up, and by the way, if you have many say, for example, you’ve got quite a few stores in different locations, every one of those stores or offices, if they’re in different locations, need to have their own Google My Business listing.

You have to make sure that your site is indexed in Google, particularly in Google. And I’ve shown you how to do that. You just type in site and then colon and put in your website address and hit enter. And if your pages come up in search, then you’re indexed. If they don’t or very few pages come up, if your website, for example, has 100 pages and only about 20 turn up in the searches, then there’s something wrong. Talk to your marketing agency about that. They need to figure it out. 

You have to make sure that your content is relevant to the keywords that you’re targeting. In other words, if you are selling, red kitten mittens and there’s no mention of red kittens anywhere on your pages, then you’re not really going to rank for red kitten mittens. It’s as simple as that. You have to make sure that your website doesn’t have, according to Google anyway, poor user experience, meaning that it’s kind of user unfriendly, if you like. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t flow. There’s no calls to action. All these sort of things, they’re all part of the user experience. And they could be any number of technical issues on your website in the back end of it obviously, that is stopping you from ranking well as well. And that is something also that your digital marketing company should be able to pick up, not necessarily fix themselves, but recommend for your Web developers to fix whatever those type of issues are.

So I hope what we just discussed is of value to you to figure out why you’re not ranking as well as you would like to be ranking. These are all very simple things that you can do, that you can check yourself and, of course, pass the information on to your digital marketing company if you need to. 

But if this sort of thing, digital marketing in general actually interest you and you want to learn more about it as I mentioned before, I put together a digital marketing course, simply go over to Zengage.Online and once you register, if you’re interested, you will find a series of 24 videos, which is about six hours worth of content. So we’re not talking about one of those courses where you go every week and you learn a little bit here, a little bit there, and it takes you months to get through it. No all the basics are presented so that you can learn the basics of digital marketing, how it all works, how it fits together, how this works with that, and how this piece fits with that piece and put it all together. And that way, if your digital marketing company says stuff that you think, no, I don’t think that’s right, you’ll be able to go head to head with them and figure out why these things aren’t working, whatever it is that they’re doing, and you can hold them accountable. And that’s the whole problem with this industry, is that a lot of marketing companies are not held accountable because you, as the business owner, do not have the knowledge. You do not know that what they’re saying to you is true or if it’s false or just a pack of absolute lies. So if you’re interested in finding out more head of it is Zengage.Online and be part of the digital marketing course there. 

So thank you for listening to this inaugural episode, one of Let’s Engage, and I look forward to sharing some more information with you about digital marketing and other related topics as well. 

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