Episode 20 – Are You Gullible Enough to Fall for These Scams?

Listen to “Episode 20 – Are You Gullible Enough to Fall for These Scams?” on Spreaker.

Fraud targeting small businesses can take various forms: invoices, advertising, directory entries that were never requested, and dubious office supplies that were never ordered. Frauds in small businesses are becoming more sophisticated, with fraudsters going to great lengths to convince you with documents they have sent you or with legitimate offers they have made.

Fraudsters recognise that small business owners are often busier and have fewer resources than larger companies, so they try to take advantage. They can gain access to your suppliers “email accounts or intercept emails without them noticing. Or they copy and modify letterheads, names and logos to make them look real or build a good looking but fake website.

In this episode, I discuss on how to guard your business against such blatant attempts to defraud your business.

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