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andrew radicsWith all the digital noise online today, it isn’t easy to know if what you are reading or watching on a video is sound advice or not for SEO and digital marketing.

One of my passions professionally is to educate those responsible in their business when it comes to implementing their digital marketing strategies. All too often, the advice given out by marketing agencies is either flawed or outdated. I am also passionate about helping people change their dull career into an exciting, motivating and well-paid role in digital marketing. I am not afraid to be honest about how this industry is ripping its clients off.

My Experience

In 2006, I left the telecommunications game to start my own company, which produced corporate videos for training and product launches. What fascinated me was the variety of strategies I could use to get my business website on the front page of search engines without paying for the results. I learned that spammers never succeeded for very long and that search engines were becoming too clever to be fooled by automatic processes. I also learned that consistent strategic optimisation and ongoing investments pay off the most.

My efforts in search engine optimisation were so successful that in 2006 I founded a specialised SEO company that worked with clients to maximise their returns on their site investments, even at the expense of significant site development and upgrades.

In 2011, Ian Hopkinson needed my company’s expertise. He found his answer at the top of his search page. And you guessed it; it was Andrew Radics.

After a period of successful collaboration, we decided that a formal alliance was in order. Mad Scientist Digital was founded in 2013 as a full-service digital marketing agency.

Since 2006, I have conducted countless workshops and training sessions in all aspects of digital marketing. I have appeared in over 100 training and informational videos. My largest audience to date was in-front of over 14,000 people at Rod Laver Arena during a four day convention.

If you enjoy what you hear in my podcasts and want to book me for a speaking engagement at a venue or online via Zoom or a similar platform to discuss all aspects of digital marketing, please fill in the form below. I am also available for a one on one consult if that’s what you need more. I am more than happy to have a chat.